Case of the Month

What's Worse Than a Migraine?
Angle Closure Glaucoma and Topomax
Uveitic Glaucoma
Episodic Damage to the RNFL
The Importance of Risk Factors for Younger Patients
Glaucoma and Retinal Pathologies
Bilateral NAION
Neuroretinal Rim Defects
Optic Neuritis
Angle Closure Due to Topamax
Iridotomy Part II: Was It Successful?
Uveitis and Elevated IOP
Is This Glaucoma?
Anomalous Optic Nerve
Detecting Visual Field Progression in Glaucoma
Ganglion Cell Analysis and Visual Fields
Glaucoma Masqueraders
Unusual Side Effect of Topical Glaucoma Medication
Angle Recession
IOL Iris Defect
Glaucoma Damage in a Younger Patient
OCT and Ocular Lesions
Monitoring Conjuctival Lesions
Visual Fields vs. Optic Nerve Imaging
Sjogren's Syndrome
Duane's Retraction Syndrome
"Regular" Iritis
Giant Cell Arteritis
Complicated Uveitis
Central Serous Retinopathy
Doyne's Honeycomb Dystrophy
Vascular Issues in Glaucoma
SLT as First Line Therapy
RNFL Changes on OCT
Anomalous Optic Discs
Large Cupping vs Glaucoma
NTG and Disc Hemorrhages
Angle Closure and Cataracts
Durysta Glaucoma Implant Surgery
Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma
Surgical Intervention for Exfoliative Glaucoma
Classic POAG
Is This Glaucoma?
Asymmetric Glaucoma
Laser PI
Low Tension Glaucoma
Treatment Options for Progression
Glaucoma Surgery and OSD
Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery
Decision to Treat or Not
Uveitic Glaucoma
Is it Glaucoma?
Asymmetric IOPs
Normal Tension Glaucoma
Secondary Glaucoma from Ocular Trauma
Normal Tension Glaucoma Patient
SLT as First-Line Therapy
Uveitic Glaucoma and Autoimmune Disease
New Glaucoma Evaluation


Cirrus HD-OCT Technology
Why Measure the Macula in Glaucoma
Clinical Pearls from The OHTS Study
Instructions for NGS Webinars on WebEx
Fluctuations in IOP
Getting WebEx for Your Smart Phone or Tablet
Optic Nerve Evaluation
Insights into the Use of Technology: Glaucoma Change Over Time
The Use of OCTs in Glaucoma
Will the Real IOP Please Stand Up
Using Chat During a Webinar
Ganglion Cell Analysis
Disc Hemorrhage
Peripapillary Atrophy
Patient Compliance
Using A Smart Phone for Webinars
Managing Ocular Pain
Sleep Apnea
Swollen Optic Nerves
OCT: The Optometrist's MREye
Influences on IOP
Corneal Hysteresis Measurement
Using an OCT to Detect Progression
Diabetic Retinopathy and Omega-3s
Stem Cell Technology
Checking on Prior Registrations
Fundus Autofluorescence
Hyperosmolar Eye Drops and Fuch's Disease
Re: Getting WebEx for Your Smart Phone or Tablet
sign up for Nov 18 webinar
Re: Getting WebEx for Your Smart Phone or Tablet
No, the chat window is part of the WebEx video conferencing. You need to enable it once you are on the webinar by clicking on the grey speech bubble in
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Re: Getting WebEx for Your Smart Phone or Tablet
I cant seem to get the chat window open? Is this the same?

Industry News

New FDA Approval for Lumigan
Alcon's Travatan Z Solution Receives FDA Approval
Alcon's Travatan Z and Systane Use Different Preservatives
Pfizer Sponsors New "All Eyes on Glaucoma" Website
CLIA Waivers
Bausch + Lomb New Glaucoma Drug
Glaukos iStent inject FDA Approved
Alcon Withdraws CyPass Stents
Nuretin Omega-3 Supplements
Rocklatan FDA Approved
Vivid Vision Perimetry
Falck Multifunction Device
Zeiss Medical Device Recall
Sustained IOP Reduction with iDose TR
Re: Rocklatan FDA Approved
Curious, I just started a patient (my first with this therapy) on Rocklatan after getting ZERO IOP change on generic Xalatan. He has been using it correctly for no more
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Re: Alcon's Travatan Z Solution Receives FDA Approval
Dr. Ghosh, If you click on the Alcon logo on the lower right side of this website, it will bring you to Alcon's Travatan website where there is complete product information
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Re: Alcon's Travatan Z Solution Receives FDA Approval
I would like to receive some full text about the new approved drug Travatan Z

Clinical Guidelines

CCT: Is is time to say YES?
The Role of CCT in Glaucoma Patients
More CCT
The Paradox of IOP
Should We Treat All Ocular Hypertensives?
Beta Blockers in Glaucoma Management
Re-Defining Ocular Hypertension
Implications of Macro-Disc Asymmetry in Glaucoma Suspects
Nine-Year Changes in Intraocular Pressure: The Barbadoes Eye Studies
CyPass Clinical Recommendations
Optic Disc Cupping and Neuroimaging
Re: The Paradox of IOP
At a recent education event one of our attendees asked me to find out the incidence of ocular hypertension in the general population. I could not identify a study noting
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Pharmacology Update

Extravan: Alcon Pharmaceuticals
Mechanism of IOP Reduction with Travoprost
Floater Intervention Study
Chart of Glaucoma Therapies
Hydroxychloroquine Toxicity
Upneeq Drops for Ptosis
Tetracaine Study
Re: Nanodropper
/Dr. H, not sure how you would get the drop out of bottle if you put a nano dropper on it, i would think that you would need to squeeze
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Re: Nanodropper
I would use it for fluress(and other brands for Goldmann tonkmetry),considering their crazy high prices but I am not sure if the nanodropper tip would fit the glass bottles.
Re: Nanodropper
I would be curious if anyone else is using this tech. We ordered a few samples to use in our clinic, with our dilating drops, but I have yet
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In Your Office

Glaucoma Flowsheet
Tonometer Calibration
Pachymetry Coding
BCBS Coverage of SCODI Services
Expanded Coverage of Glaucoma Screening Services
Coding Update: 92135 Deleted and Replaced
ABO Certification Review Materials
Small Fee Reduction in CMS Payments in 2015
Moist Heat Compresses
Information about Omega-3s
Lighthizer Surgical Procedure Set
Glaucoma Website for Patients
Beware of Phone Scam Posing as DPH or DEA
Patient Assistance Programs
Plaquenil Reporting Form
World Optometry Day
Re: Moist Heat Compresses
You also discussed information and possible group pricing about a gland expresser and said you would provide information regarding that instrument. Please post that information. Thank you.
Re: ABO Certification Review Materials
Could you please send the glaucoma review information and uveitis labs worksheets to
Re: ABO Certification Review Materials
I also attended the SECO course, could you please email the ABO certification review material to Thanks!

Glaucoma Watch

Interesting Glaucoma Cases
From Ocular Hypertension to Glaucoma: How to Predict Conversion
Neckties and IOP: The Controversy Continues
Introduction to the National Glaucoma Society
Case Presentation: Optic Nerve Imaging
NGS Residency Award and Lecture
Optic Nerve Head Measurements with the HRT III
Case Presentation: Laser Imaging Detects Early ON Damage
Is the Optic Disc "Sinking" or "Cupping" in Glaucoma?
Interview with Dr. Barry Barresi
Glaucoma Continuum
Undiagnosed Open Angle Glaucoma: The Thessaloniki Eye Study
The Prevalence of Open-angle Glaucoma Among Blacks and Whites 73 Years and Older
Altered Nitric Oxide System in Patients with Open-Angle Glaucoma
Oxidative Stress in Glaucoma: A Burden of Evidence
Gonioscopy Videos
Glaucoma Risk and the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in Older Women
Programs to Optimize Adherence in Glaucoma
Corneal Hysteresis
Treatment Goals in Glaucoma
Visual Field Interpretation
Study Questions link between Glaucoma and Alzheimer's Disease
Checking Color Vision
Glaucoma Medications
IOP Asymmetry as Glaucoma Risk Factor
Glaucoma Risk Calculators
Dr. David Calkins Discusses Catalyst for A Cure
Smart Phone Biosensor
Handheld OCT
Sustained Release IOP Therapies
Introduction to Corneal Hysteresis
FDT Perimetry
Visual Fields Overview
National Glaucoma Symposium 2017
Gonioscopy Slides from 2017 National Glaucoma Symposium
Measuring Corneal Hysteresis
XEN Glaucoma Implant Video
Corneal Hysteresis
Glaucoma Quality of Life Measures
Corneal Hysteresis: The A1C of Glaucoma
Predicting Progression
New Developments in Glaucoma Management
Longitudinal Study of Corneal Hysteresis
National Glaucoma Symposium 2018
National Glaucoma Symposium Cape Cod
Is Glaucoma a Two-Pressure Disease?
ICD Stage Definitions
Visual Fields and Progression
OCT: The Basics
Co-Managing Glaucoma Surgery
Normal Tension Glaucoma
The Importance of Visual Fields
Corneal Hysteresis
Using OCT in Glaucoma Management
The LiGHT Study
Durysta Overview
Options in Glaucoma Surgery
Telemedicine in Glaucoma
Glaucoma Medications
New Visual Field Primer
Glaucoma Risk Factors
Drug Therapy for the Ocular Surface in Glaucoma
OCT Overview and Applications
Yoga as Adjunct Glaucoma Therapy
Cataract Surgery May Lower Risk for Dementia
Parapapillary Atrophy
Angle Closure Glaucoma
Congratulations to Dr. Thimons
Corneal Influences on IOP
Re: Longitudinal Study of Corneal Hysteresis
Great article, Jim, thanks.
Re: National Glaucoma Symposium 2011
Another successful conference! See you next year July 28-30, 2012.
Re: Undiagnosed Open Angle Glaucoma: The Thessaloniki Eye Study
In reading the details found within the journal article highlighted above, it is evident that significant efforts must be made to educate the population better as to the risks of
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