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Sep 16 2020

Beware of Phone Scam Posing as DPH or DEA

posted by: Janet Swartz, EdD

The Department of Public Health in CT has been made aware of phone scammers targeting licensed health care professionals under the pretense of an investigation by the Department of Public Health in collaboration with DEA and FBI. The Department has learned that this scam is also happening in other states and is not unique to Connecticut.

It has been reported that the caller ID shows up as a Department of Public Health phone number or similar number with the same area code and prefix. The caller identifies themselves as an investigator from the Department working with the FBI and/or DEA, and says an arrest or criminal charges are pending. The callers often share publicly available information such as the licensee's NPI number or license number. The caller may request personal information including credit card numbers or social security numbers.

Although the Department of Public Health occasionally phones licensees regarding routine regulatory or license-related issues, the Department will never contact a licensee by phone demanding money or payment of any form or personalized information without conducting an official investigation.