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Sep 02 2008

Pfizer Sponsors New "All Eyes on Glaucoma" Website

posted by: Bud O'Leary, OD

We have just been made aware of a new website "" supported by Pfizer that was launched at ARVO in 2008 by Bob Weinreb, MD. The website is part of Pfizer's Optic Nerve Imaging Initiative.

The "New for Health Care Professionals" section on the right of the home page is worth visiting for the three case presentations. The "Interactive Case Studies" present history, examination summary, imaging and VF data in an easy to follow format. Clinicians can point and click to see how their diagnosis and treatment opinions stack up against a field of experts. More cases will be added in the future.

Click on the following link to go directly to this new website supported by Pfizer Ophthalmics: All Eyes on Glaucoma website