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Oct 17 2013

Getting WebEx for Your Smart Phone or Tablet

posted by: Janet Swartz, EdD

To particpate in a webinar with your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you will need to install the Cisco WebEx Meetings app. Similar apps are available for Android smart phones, Kindles and laptops. Use one of the following methods for accessing the WebEx App on your device: (a) Tap on the App Store icon on your device, then search for Cisco WebEx Meetings or (b) Link to Cisco WebEx Meetings app on the iTunes App Store. Tap on the Free App or Install button on the application description page and enter your Apple ID Password if asked.

To join the meeting on the day of the webinar:
1. Tap on the WebEx app to open it.
2. Tap the Join Meeting button.
3. Enter the 9 digit meeting number provided by the National Glaucoma Society (you will receive this in the instructions e-mailed to all registered doctors on the Monday before each webinar), your desired display name (please enter at least your first name and last initial or last name) and your email address, then tap the Join Meeting button.
4. Select the way you want to hear the webinar (call over internet or call in). Make sure that the audio connection is set to On in the WebEx app and that the volume on your phone is not muted.

For a more detailed description, download the document below.

Karen Healy - on Oct 01, 2014

I cant seem to get the chat window open? Is this the same?

Janet Swartz, EdD - on Oct 19, 2014

No, the chat window is part of the WebEx video conferencing. You need to enable it once you are on the webinar by clicking on the grey speech bubble in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The message you entered above is part of the NGS website, which is not always monitored during a webinar. If you cannot open the chat window, send an email directly to info@nationalglaucomasociety.org or call us on telephone number provided with the webinar instructions.

Robert North - on Nov 16, 2015

sign up for Nov 18 webinar