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December 6, 2023

Dr. Brad Sutton will present, "Be A MIGS MVP: New Paradigms in Glaucoma Care" (COPE # 88125-GL) as a live webinar on Wednesday, December 6th from 8:00 - 9:00 Eastern Time (7 - 8PM Central / 5-6 PM Pacific). This interactive presentation will discuss interventional glaucoma procedures that are considered to be minimally invasive in nature and carry less risk than advanced incisional surgeries. Procedures such as Implants, SLT, I-sten and others are covered in detail. 

You will be able to see the PowerPoint presentation, hear the lecture and submit questions to the speaker. All you need is a computer, smart phone or tablet with an Internet connection. You can either use the speakers or a headset from your computer or use a telephone to hear the lecture. Please Note: You need to see the lecture slides and hear the speaker in order to receive CE credit.

This lecture is COPE approved (COPE # 88125-GL) as a Synchronous Virtual course and will be submitted to COPE for approval as a COPE Synchronous Virtual activity. COPE now classifies courses and activities as either Synchronous (lecturer and learner together at the same time, either in person or virtual, with opportunity for real-time interaction) or Asynchronous (lecturer and learner are not together, no opportunity for interaction). In the following states, COPE-approved Synchronous Virtual programs are considered the same as live CE with no restrictions on the number of hours: CA, MA, MN, NH, NY, TX, VA, and VT. Other states may categorize these virtual programs as live or on-line CE with restrictions on the number of hours acceptable for license renewal; check the website of your State Board for the most current information. 

The Early Bird rate for this Webinar is $30 through Friday, December 1st. On after December 2nd, the fee is $40. The one-hour Wednesday webinars are free for Full Members of the National Glaucoma Society.  

Registration will close at 2 p.m. Eastern time on the Wednesday of the webinar. Registration is required for both NGS members and non-members.You will get the meeting password, meeting number and link to the webinar e-mailed to you.

If you would like the NGS to submit your attendance data to ARBO's OE Tracker, please make sure your OE Tracker number is included in your profile on the NGS website when you register for this webinar. We also will mail CE certificates to attending doctors. For doctors with a Texas license, we will post the attendance data to CE Broker. If you have a Texas license but do not live in Texas, please email your license information to the NGS.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations made by the Sunday before a webinar can receive a refund, less a $10 processing fee, or apply the full registration fee to a future program. Cancellations made after Sunday can receive a credit of the full registration fee toward a future program. To cancel, notify the National Glaucoma Sociey in writing by email (info@NationalGlaucomaSociety.org). No refunds given for canceling a registration once the webinar has begun

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Be a MIGS MVP: New Paradigms in Glaucoma Care
Brad Sutton, OD, FAAO
This interactive webinar covers interventional glaucoma procedures that are considered to by minimally invasive in nature and carry less risk than advanced incisional surgeries.