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Jan 05 2016

CE Approval for Webinars will be Obtained from Individual States

posted by: Janet Swartz, EdD

Beginning in 2016, the NGS will apply to individual states for CE approval for our live webinars rather than to COPE. We have had numerous requests from participating doctors to work with their states directly to recognize the remarkable technology and convenience of live online continuing education.

As one of the largest non-profit providers of continuing education in the United States, the NGS has been at the forefront of Live CE online and has worked with the best educators and clinicians to provide the highest quality education available. Over the last several years, we have expanded our online Live CE events to meet the needs of our members as well as doctors throughout the US.

We routinely have applied to the Texas Board of Optometry, which approves our live webinars as Live CE. Since states differ in their acceptance of live webinars, and understanding that state regulations supersede COPE guidelines, we will now work with other states to provide the best in online Live CE approved directly by the state. In order to continue our efforts to better serve our members, we have created an NGS Facebook page so that we can post updates more quickly as we receive state approval.

While all are welcome to participant in our webinars, we will only be sending CE certificates for future webinars to doctors with licenses from states that have approved our webinars. We will no longer put COPE numbers on CE certificates or submit attendance information to OE Tracker. If you have licenses in states other than that of your mailing address, please let us know.

We hope you will continue to support the NGS as we move forward with the live webinars. However, if you recently joined the NGS to participate in webinars and your state does not have a process for approving the webinars for CE credit, we will refund the difference between the NGS membership fee and the value of any webinars that you participated in and/or reduction in CE registrations that you received.

We, along with many of the doctors who have participated in our live webinars, recognize that web-based education is the wave of the future. We believe that participating in a presentation on your individual computer, with the chance to see slides right in front of you and ask questions of the speaker, is a superior educational experience to sitting in a large conference room (and we all know how many people read the paper, surf the Internet or fall asleep during those lectures without learning anything). We regret any inconvenience our new policy creates but, with your support, we hope to encourage more states to embrace this technology as an acknowledged delivery mode for quality continuing education.